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Block Party Fun


Broken glass? It won’t stop this party

Hey ya’ll. Happy hump day. Here is a look at a wedding i spun tunes for @ The Stateroom in LBI. Mo & Tim had a fun group of family and friends.

Boo. HOLLA-ween.

Most call it Halloween…

but for my boy DC, who throws an annual house party to 80′s & 90′s Hip-Hop… his name seems a bit more fitting, so here’s a little taste of “HOLLA-ween”. Read more…


DJ and Entertaining

Little weekend wedding recap.

I started Friday afternoon off with a rook coffee and a little ceremony on the beach @ McLoone’s Pier House in Long Branch NJ. Read more…

off beet weddings

Engaged? Come meet us.

Hey peeps. If you’re engaged or know any engaged humans that are looking for entertainment, photo or video for the big day come meet the off beet crew!

We’re having and exclusive event for all engaged couples. A fun night of food, entertainment, tunes and giveaways.


Fresh ink with Dr. Woo

I had my appointment yesterday with the woo. Super cool guy, took him around 2 hours to draw what i had floatin around

in the brain. I was super stoked to see what he had stenciled on the paper. Woo man is one creative and talented human.

Pics and vids to come. Enjoy

Flying out to the west coast

Hola! Flying out to LA tomorrow. Lots of fun filled activities going on in the west coast. Going to be spinning some tunes, grabbing some cool ass interviews, checkin out the Avett Bro’s in concert and getting some new ink of my own.

Lots of great imagery and interviews to come.

Have a great weekend ya’ll :)

Hello humans

Hey guys! Thanx for scooting over to my blog. I get asked a lot where i am spinning tunes or where can we come see the show you are hosting. How can we grab coffee with ya? How can we be apart of those shows? Well all these questions will be answered here.

My Blog will let ya’ll know where to find me :) Read more…