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ABC 2005 Press Tour - Day 2

Tossin words with Eric Jungmann

I caught up with actor Eric Jungmann. Watch what happens when you have a room filled with people and a camera.
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Tossing words with the Foxx

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Happy Friday

Hello all. Happy Friday.  I have a little sneak peak at CMT’s new show “Tattoo Titans” Read more…


Tyler Francavilla : actor/singer/song-writer

Hey Peeps. Here is the interview I had with Ty & his little buddy, Cowboy Dan. Read more…

Flying out to the west coast

Hola! Flying out to LA tomorrow. Lots of fun filled activities going on in the west coast. Going to be spinning some tunes, grabbing some cool ass interviews, checkin out the Avett Bro’s in concert and getting some new ink of my own.

Lots of great imagery and interviews to come.

Have a great weekend ya’ll :)